A Debt Collection Agency You Can Rely On

Delinquent Recovery Associates is a debt collection firm in Shreveport, Louisiana that handles commercial, lease/rental, medical, utility and a variety of other businesses delinquent accounts. With more than 55 years in the recovery business, we step it up with legal pressure early in the process for better results and maximum impact.


If you are receiving calls from an alleged bill collector, please examine all of your facts closely. There are scammers who have assumed a name very similar to ours (Delinquent Recovery Associates, Inc.) - DRA. We have discovered that they say they are with "Debt Recovery Associates, LLC" - DRA - website: www.gotodra.com. THIS IS NOT US! Furthermore, we have no control over their unscrupulous actions.

We are Delinquent Recovery Associates, Inc., A Louisiana Corporation located in Shreveport, Louisiana. WE NEVER LEAVE PHONE MESSAGES AT ALL; Each and every one of our outgoing calls display on Caller IDs as (318) 221-3695 only.

Our clients are local, so seldom do we place calls in other states.

Our problem is that these scammers are intentionally impossible to locate, while Delinquent Recovery Associates, Inc. is very easy to locate. This causes their victims to jump to the conclusion that it is us placing calls that are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). We do not violate the FDCPA and do not hide ourselves. Please be sure of who is calling you.

What We Do

Representation by our staff attorney, who is highly experienced in collection litigation and supported by our in-house legal staff, is a benefit our clients enjoy at no additional cost (no increase in the contingent fee). We employ a “no collection, no charge” and no setup fee policy.


Why Trust Us

Expect courteous and friendly service from our team as well as our flexibility to meet your needs. Our efficient staff expedites the collection process by using the latest in digital technology, providing you the outstanding results you deserve.


Make a Payment

If you have any collection items, pay them immediately. We want you to take advantage of this opportunity to avoid future debts.