Maximizing Business Debt Recovery Efforts Since 1964

Delinquent Recovery Associates is located at 600 Common Street in Shreveport, LA. Led by Greg Juneau, we have watched our industry transform from pencils, ledger sheets, and typewriters to what you see today. Advancements are inevitable, and it is our constant way of doing business in our company.


Our Affiliations

Delinquent Recovery Associates is a member of the Credit Data Industry Association and ACA International, two national credit industry associations.
The affiliations enable us to forward or transfer accounts for collection to an associate in the same city or town as a debtor.

Continuing Education

Education for staff members is a tremendous benefit of association membership. Our staff undergoes rigorous training upon employment and is monitored to maintain the highest ethical standards.

What Sets Us Apart

In addition to experience and longevity, our on-site attorney, David Moore, uses our judicial system to recover our client’s money effectively and efficiently. The litigation process is initiated after assets have been verified and final preparations have been performed.